Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Express

SQL Server is a robust program for storing data. Commonly used and is available as a free download from Microsoft. Your network will require one instance of this program installed and functioning prior to installation. Subsequent client computer installs will then communicate with that instance.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

The .Net Framework is the core resource for windows programs to function. Available through windows update or as a separate download from Microsoft.

Motor Vehicle Inspection - Report Builder

Ontario's new motor vehicle inspection standards are changing on July 1 2016. Passenger Car and Light duty vehicles require an inspection report to be provided with the vehicle and an additional copy to be retained at the inspection station. Commercial vehicles inspected to the 11B standard have required this type of report already.

The MVI program stores all the required inspection criteria, rejection criteria and references to the regulation documents in one easy to use application for both the new light duty standard and the 11B national standard.

Items are selected from the lists to show failed, passed or repaired items. A note field is provided to detail the result or additional information.

Some items are required to be reported on the inspection report regardless of whether they pass or fail. These include brake pad thicknesses, rotor and drum specifications, tell-tale lights etc. MVI provides quick entry fields for this criteria so no items are missed on your documentation.

The Inspection Report can be printed out in a consistent professional manor, compiling all the required information.

Note: MVI is a tool to aid in meeting the reporting standards. Mechanics must have full knowledge of the applicable standards and inspect to the requirements of the actual documents. more

*Program can integrate with Lankar or as a stand alone application.

Download Trial Program

Program installation takes place in 3 steps. The trial period is 30 days to evaluate. Paypal link is provided from within the application.

Step 1 - SQL Server must be installed on one computer in your network prior to installing the program. This is available as a free download from Microsoft. Windows authentication and SQL Server authentication must be enabled. SQL Browser Startup set to automatic. Lankar users with versions greater than 11.0 will have the server installed and no need to complete this step. For 64bit computers select "SQL Server 2014 Express 64 Bit"

YouTube Tutorial: SQL Server Install

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Step 2 - Database installation on one computer in your network running SQL Server.

Install TRIAL PROGRAM select install data tables. Program will automatically install client after data tables are installed.

YouTube Tutorial: Install Data Tables & Client

Step 3 - Program installation on additional client computers.

Download program. Select client install. Select existing network server when prompted during installation.

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Using MVI

Create new Report tutorial