MVI Frequently Asked Questions

SQL Server Information

What is SQL server?
A robust program to store and retreive data files for your programs.

Do I need SQL Server to use the program?
Yes. The program needs one instance of SQL Server on your network to store the files.

Can I install on multiple computers?
Yes you can install on multiple computers in your network in one shop location. During program installation point the datafile location to the computer in your network that is running SQL Server.

Is there special settings to make during the installation of SQL Server?
SQL Server Browser startup needs to be set to Automatic.
SQL Server Authentication set to Windows Authentication and SQL Server authentication.
TCP must be enabled for network communications.
Create Firewall rule to allow port TCP1433.

What version of SQL Server should I download?
If computer is 64bit download the basic "SQL Server 2014 Express 64 Bit" edition.
If computer is 32bit download the basic "SQL Server 2014 Express 32 Bit" edition.



MVI Program Information

Is there updates?
The MVI program will automatically check for updates when the program launches. It will prompt you to download if there is a newer version.